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the best thing I’ve done for my skin

June 26, 2011

I’m having a fruitaissance. It’s fantastic.

As I’ve dealt with a variety of not-yet-fully diagnosed digestive problems over the last few years, I’ve tried eliminating and adding just about everything to my diet. For a while I tried a “low-residue diet,” which is one composed mainly of low-fiber foods. It’s what you eat before a colonoscopy: foods that don’t stick. This meant not a lot of fruit and certainly no berries. For once I was pleased that a diet did not solve my problems, and I am back on fruit.

I’m pretty sure it’s the vitamins that have me so psyched (though the sugar bomb doesn’t hurt). It is absolutely amazing how different life feels when you are getting enough vitamins. I have more energy, I feel more awake, and I have better workouts. The differences are visible, too. My skin is more toned and smooth, and my eyes are brighter. I won’t say I have none of that adult-onset hormone-induced chin acne that plagues so many women, but I have much less of it and it disappears more quickly.

How can fruit do all this? Turns out antioxidants, those vitamins found in fruit that fight free-radicals and therefore prevent cellular damage, are not only disease fighters but also age fighters. So they keep your skin cells as healthy as the cells inside your body.  Plus the fiber and water in fruits will fill you up and keep you hydrated, which makes them great fat fighters. The more fruit you eat, the less room you’ll have in there for junk. The sugar helps stave off cravings, too.

I’m not the kind to go all farmer’s market (though I have friends who are), but I pick up whatever’s fresh at the grocery store. I also use flash-frozen fruit in combination with fresh fruit in smoothies. It makes them thick and cold, and the modern freezing process actually manages to preserve most of the vitamins.  No excuses then; just get out there and eat some fruit!

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  1. June 28, 2011 9:11 pm

    Best thing about my office location: the union square greenmarket and Coffee Shoppe’s AMAZING south american-esqe fruit smoothee stand (no froz yoghurt added thank god).

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