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how not to shop at Walmart

July 7, 2011

I was pretty disgusted by the Supreme Court’s recent decision on behalf of Walmart, in which they ruled that statistics showing that a company’s female workers earn far less and get fewer promotions than their male coworkers do not constitute proof of discrimination and that the million-and-a-half women claiming Walmart discriminated against them have no right to a class-action suit. So, even though this practice and this suit have been in the news for a while, I finally decided the time has come to boycott Walmart. (I’d boycott the Supreme Court but all they’ve been selling lately is bullshit, and I’m not buying anyway.)

I’d been shopping at Walmart because it’s genuinely cheaper than most other options. But it’s also genuinely inconvenient from where I live right now, and if I can tell you the truth, I find Walmart really depressing. The closest one to my home features a beauty section behind a barrier with it’s own checkout lane. You have to leave your cart outside to shop in this section, and to pay for your makeup, shaving needs, and skin care separately before you return to the rest of your shopping. I assume this is because of the prevalence of shoplifting of those items.

So I set about determining how I can save as much money as I did shopping at Walmart without patronizing a chain that clearly makes a habit of  paying men more than women and of promoting men before their equally qualified female peers. I did item-by-item research, and found that if I really use my CVS ExtraBucks and all the coupons I get from them, I can get my health and beauty products there for just as cheap. And I can get household products like cleansers, trash bags, and paper towels for even less at Smart & Final.

Therefore, fully knowing that it can make no possible difference whatsoever in Walmart’s corporate policies and practices, I hereby refuse to spend my hard-earned money there. Take that, sexists.

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