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how not to treat your friends

August 3, 2011

I think by now you all know what a big supporter of Planned Parenthood I am. I recently participated in their birth control blog carnival advocating that insurance be required to cover birth control as preventive care. I touted them on Facebook when I went there to renew my prescription because my insurance won’t actually pay for me to see doctors in California. When my husband and I got married, instead of registering for gifts we registered with our favorite causes (The Sierra Club, Human Rights Campaign, and Planned Parenthood) and asked people to donate.

During this spot of unemployment, as I attempt both to find work in my areas of expertise and to expand my career more directly into activism, I have applied for two jobs with Planned Parenthood. I knew during a time in which so many people are unemployed that someone with actual experience in that field had a better shot at the jobs than I did, so I didn’t expect much. I would not have been surprised or offended by something formulaic. But I have to admit I am pretty offended by the rejection letter I just received via email:

Dear [[Candidate First Name – Custom]],

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at Planned Parenthood.  We wanted to let you know that the role you applied for [[Requisition Title]] is no longer open.

We are impressed with your accomplishments. However, we selected another candidate who we believe more closely matches what we are looking for in the position. Please keep your profile with us active and current so we can send you updates of suitable career opportunities as they open up.

It is also our hope that Planned Parenthood can count on your support for family planning, a woman’s right to choose, and effective sexuality education for young people. We would love to have you join our activist alert network to help make sure legislators and community leaders hear from all of us about these issues. You can do so by visiting, look for The How You Can Help Section and select Join the PPLA Action Network.

Thank you again for allowing us to review your record of achievement.  We hope that you will consider contacting us for future opportunities.


[[Lead Recruiter Fullname]]

Yep. I’m not kidding either. I did not leave out the key information to protect my privacy or theirs; that’s how they sent the letter to me. Couldn’t even bother to fill in the blanks. I’ll bet they hope they can continue to count on my support. If this is the level of professionalism they usually operate with, they need all the support they can get. Unfortunately, it won’t be coming from me for a while.

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