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August 19, 2011

I haven’t posted much this week, but I have been writing. Readings of American Medea inspired a new round of clarifications and experiments. My first post at Ms. Magazine is up, and it’s an adaptation (fittingly) of an earlier one on this blog about Porgy and Bess. Soon you can expect posts on the ways in which violence against women impedes economic development and the Evangelical culture of female submission.

This week in health and fitness, Jennifer Hudson said she’s more proud of losing weight than she is of her Oscar, and Anne Hathaway said the training for her role as Catwoman is kicking her butt. I hope that Hudson meant that she is proud of getting healthy and being comfortable in her body, because that truly is a feat of Oscar proportions. Our culture does not make it easy for women to like their bodies. It sounds like Hathaway is starving herself. Her trainers seems to have forgotten that in order to build muscle you need calories. Even if your goal is weight-loss, don’t choose the same moment that you up your exercise to cut your calories. You will not have the energy to meet the increased demand on your body. We really don’t have to, and shouldn’t, starve ourselves to be worthy.

I’ve read about more interesting things this week than I can count. Here are a few of the best:

A Religion Dispatches article recounts how it is that a religious objection to contraception has started to sound a lot like feminism without being it.

It’s healthy to be able to laugh at yourself.

Arena Stage is doing a production of Trouble In Mind (1957), by Alice Childress, the first African American playwright to have her work professionally produced and win an Obie.

And UNC opened the first clinic specifically for post-partum depression. Go heels!

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