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September 9, 2011

I have to admit it, I didn’t watch the jobs speech. I didn’t even really read about it after. As far as I can tell, I have absolutely no reason to believe that the current House will ever pass anything called the “Obama jobs plan.” They will not do anything that might improve the economy before the election or anything that could be viewed as an accomplishment for Obama. Even if they do pass something, I’m not going to waste my time following the drama of the plan becoming a bill becoming a Republican free-for-all wherein they get everything they want and the country gets nothing. I don’t have the heart to watch Obama cave yet again.

So I turned my attention to other matters this week, including:

This really cool women’s group in Syracuse, NY, that came together after 9-11 to bridge gaps between faiths and serve their community.

This CNN piece: Women of 9/11 Still Fighting for Recognition, Respect

Trojan Women (after Euripides) at the Getty Villa, thoughts forthcoming

The amazing Alice Childress and my first piece with interviews.

Jessica Grose on “The New Girls” on TV this season

What’s going on with you guys?

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